Where are you headed?

I’ve seen that it’s not Christ plus the addition of doing and obeying various doctrines or teachings, but rather, Christ alone. Christian living is indeed God the Father, working through Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit in His written word to produce within each true believer both the desire and the will to do His good pleasure. But it’s real easy for us to “shelve” Christ, pick up the long list of “things to do,” roll up our sleeves, and go to work.

All scripture is profitable for doctrine, of course, but I’m saying that doctrine related to living the Christian life finds life, power, and practical reality specifically in Christ! Do you desire a new life? Then turn fully to Christ. The fullness of the Godhead (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is in Christ. Christ is the beginning, the end, and everything in-between. Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Christ has all power in Heaven above and in the earth beneath. We are complete in Him and nothing in addition to Christ is needed. So what are you searching for? Is He enough?

What I’m trying to say is that after I received Christ, I slowly left my first love. I failed to remember that He is not only sufficient for eternal life…but for daily life itself. It’s taken many years, but now I can honestly say, “For me to live is Christ.” Personally (and I do not think I’m alone), I became consumed with principles, formulas, methods, plans, and programs for living a Christian life…instead of simply growing in personal, and deep intimate knowledge of the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Instead of simply loving Him, I searched for the “key” to living a genuine and abundant Christian life. I see now that God the Father (the Husbandman) uses the divine pruning shears of His word, fiery trials, and loving correction to bring forth fruit, more fruit, and much fruit in our life and to show us that Christ is the Master Key.

Do you know Jesus personally? Do you love Him with all of your heart? Are you ashamed to publicly proclaim and associate with Him? Is the “light” which is Christ shining through you? Go ahead, follow Him. Tell Him right now, “I want to know YOU, Lord Jesus.” Tell Him you want to love Him more. Tell Him you want to believe Him more. Seek to know Him more each day! If you have not done so already, why not place faith in Christ right now. He died for your sins, was buried, and rose again the third day. Do you believe in Him? You won’t be sorry.

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2 Responses to “Where are you headed?”

  1. Don Says:


    Why do we all think that programs and plans will bring people to Christ? I know this thought is one of your main points regarding our relationship to Christ. This needs to be preached in every Church that claims Christ and Him crucified. We can never have enough of this simple fact of the truth of the Gospel. It is Christ and He alone that answers and delivers us from our troubles. He alone will answer our prayers.

    Have a good week and thank you for your prayers for me.

    In Christ,
    Don DeSimone
    Rom 1:16

  2. Forrest Says:

    Personally, I remember the days of searching for something…anything in the Christian life that would bring real joy and lasting fulfillment. I think it’s ingrained in our particular society to plan and perform our way to success. Oh sure, we all know that Christ is the only way to receive eternal life, but when it comes to living the Christian life we need those extra methods and formulas to get us through.

    There are plenty of “teachers” and “seminars” that vehemently promote “doing” something instead of simply “being” a follower of Christ…which results in a fruitful life! This, in my opinion, puts people in bondage to a certain standard rather than directing them to the Saviour. The Saviour who will produce in our lives the love, joy, and peace He desires to bring forth.