Will you go away also?

Then said Jesus unto the twelve, Will ye also go away?” (John 6:67).

What entices you this day to go away from Christ? Our daily God given tasks are a very natural part of life. But do you walk with Christ in the midst of fulfilling those necessary responsibilities? It can be done you know. We can know and love Him in the midst of performing our daily labors. He is our ever present companion. He never leaves us or forsakes us. He cares for our needs. He cares for our concerns. Take Him with you today. Talk to Him and fellowship with Him.

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The great blessing of His presence is wrought by His Spirit. He is with us in times of delight as well as in times of despair. He is with us on the mountaintop of victory and in the valley of defeat. Jesus is with us in times of prosperity and in times of poverty. Will you go away from Him?

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Cling to Christ today. He has the words that give eternal life. The words that comfort, instruct, direct, empower, and console us are His. Turn fully to Him. Go to Him. Trust Him this very moment.

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2 Responses to “Will you go away also?”

  1. WhiteStone Says:

    I’m reading a book by Kevin DeYoung which is a commentary of the Heidelberg Catechism. I’ve never read the Heidelberg before and I’m not certain yet whether or not I will be in agreement with all its questions/answers. However, the very first question points to the joy we have in Christ. The question reads, “What is your only comfort in life and in death?” The proscribed answer is “That I am not my own, but belong body and soul, in life and in death to my faithful Savior Jesus Christ.” The answer goes on to mention His blood shed for us, His watch over us, His assurance to us of eternal life, etc.

    As I read that I agreed, Oh, Yes, that is our ONLY comfort, in that it is our DEEPEST and most SURE comfort…that we belong to Christ. Nothing and no thing can take us away from Him (nor take Him away from us).

    I’m certain you know (from your own past studies) that there are numerous scriptures that are listed below each question and answer. And so instead of lightly reading the Q&A, I also read 21 Scriptures that followed.

    It was a good study, and it was a good affirmation, for I was familiar with most of these scriptures and they fed my spirit.

    My hubby is currently being diagnosed with a serious kidney disease (we do not yet know the cause) but it appears he will soon be on dialysis. He and I do not take life lightly. We recognize that we are each walking in this “valley of the shadow of death”. But we fear no evil. We know that all, ever step, is by God’s grace and for our good.

    Christ is our comfort. We cling to Him. And He will not let us go. John 6:39-40 and John 10:27-30.

  2. Forrest Wychopen Says:

    Thank you, sister, for sharing this encouraging word. And of course, I wholeheartedly agree! So sorry to hear about hubby and his recent diagnoses. Be sure that our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    “The next moment is as much beyond our grasp, and as much in God’s care, as that a hundred years away. Care for the next minute is as foolish as care for a day in the next thousand years. In neither can we do anything, in both God is doing everything.”

    C. S. Lewis