My First Love

Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love” (Revelation 2:4).

Many things compete for our love, devotion, and attention. Even “religious” things. Prayer is good. Bible study is wise. Christian service is logical. But in our zealous doing and good work we each face the danger of leaving our first love. Do you remember? The joy of knowing and loving only Jesus resulted in natural, spontaneous, and bold proclamation of Him. He is all we knew and He was enough.

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But as we grew in Biblical knowledge and practical service we drifted from the simplicity of Christ. Our focus was on work, labor, and endurance with little or no thought for our Lord. Christ became prominent instead of preeminent. He became only one among many instead of the only one. Christ became subordinate instead of superior. The method became more important to us rather than the Master.

What is the Biblical cure for a lost love? Repent. Turn back wholly and completely to Jesus. As you work, labor, and live a Christian life of endurance do it all with your first love. Walk with Him each moment of each day. Set your full attenton on Him. Think on Christ. Lord Jesus, I love you.

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